Company registers API

Increase your conversion rate.

What is RegAPI for?
Online Registration Forms
Point of Sale
Call Centre
What is RegAPI?

Easy copy-and-paste setup, accurate search algorithms and up to date company details. All this makes RegAPI an excellent Company Details Autocompletion service.

Web integration

We have ready-to-use plugins for all popular ecommerce platforms. All you need to do is to signup on our website and generate code for your shop.

Mobile SDK

Are you developing mobile application where your customers will need to input their company details? You can save them a lot of time typing in their company details by integrating our Mobile SDK.

How it works

Add your website

Easily increase conversions on your signup page, checkout, mobile application, etc.

Copy & paste code

Few lines of code is all you need to setup RegAPI on your website. You don’t have to be Einstein to do that.

Tweak it

You just need to match your form fields to ours with a simple interface. Few clicks and you are done!

Enjoy fast autocomplete

See reduction of keystrokes by approximately 85%, get up to date company details and make your customers happy.

14-day free trial - no payment, no obligation, full support

Why use RegAPI?

Save time and money

Company details autocompletion can reduce keystrokes on data input by approximately 85%, which will let you cut costs you spend on staff.

Improve data quality

Get company details correctly formatted and up to date right from the national business register. This will greatly reduce the need to reformat and recheck company details after the form submission.

Reduce abandonment rate

Save the time to your customers when they are entering their company details.

Lower the cost of missed deliveries

With accurate company address autocompletion the chance of entering wrong delivery address is lower than when it’s entered manually.

Improve your service

Quicker company details entry on forms results in less fuss for your customers and improves entire user experience.