Simple to use, simple to install

Not only is RegAPI intuitive to use, it's also easy to set up on your website.

Your website, your way
RegAPI as a new field
A new search field...

Add a single company search for your users by installing RegAPI as a new field on your form. Add it to the top of the form and when a user selects a company name the whole form is populated.

...or use what you already have

Alternatively, save space and enhance your existing company form fields by binding RegAPI to each field. No matter where users choose to type first they will be able to search for their company in no time.

RegAPI bound to existing fields

Just a few lines of code
HTML form example
No web gurus needed

All it takes is a few lines of code to add RegAPI to a web page. And, you don't need to be a web expert to do it! Simply access the HTML source code for your web page and paste in the code we generate for you, then upload it to your live website.

Point-and-click set-up
What goes where?

RegAPI will attempt to map itself to your company form fields automatically to make things really easy, but if that's not possible, it's a simple case of clicking on the fields in your form to match them to our fields.

Match your company fields
That's it!

There's nothing more you need to do except top up your account when you need more credit.

14-day free trial - no payment, no obligation, full support